Stripper Bingo

Bored? Got a group of friends together and the idea of another round of Parcheesi just not cutting it for you? Well...might I recommend a rousing round of Stripper Bingo? We've played twice now, with rousing success both times.

Step 1: Get a decent sized group of people together. It helps enormously to have as many women as men in the group. It also helps tremendously to be prepared to drink copious amounts of alcohol and have enough cash left over to tip the dancers nicely.

Step 2: Print up the Stripper Bingo cards below. Make copies. Make lots of extra copies.

Step 3: Select the establishment of your choice. Get good seats near the stage, but not taking room away from the regulars. Order aforementioned copious amounts of alcohol. Wait until drinks arrive and money has passed hands.

Step 4: Get out cards and distribute amongst yourselves. Hope you didn't forget to bring pens or bingo dabbers.

Step 5: Watch dancing closely. Hoot and holler as dancers do moves you can mark off on your cards. Generally make merry and make the dancers feel like they finally have an appreciative audience.

Step 6: Be prepared for security to come running over to find out what you're up to. Laughingly explain the rules of the game. Expect security to want to join in. :)

Step 7: Be prepared to start distributing copies of the bingo cards to other patrons of the club. Strip clubs are pretty boring places so people all tend to think this is the funniest thing they've ever heard of, and want to join in. Accept the multitude of drinks bought for you graciously.

Step 8: Be prepared for all the dancers to come by at some point to find out what you're up to. Flirt heavily with the dancer of your choice - she will likely be more than happy to assist by dancing the moves you're missing on your card to help you win.

Step 9: If all members of your party have done their job of flirting well, be prepared to accept free lap dances for the winners. :)

Stripper Bingo: The Beginning

This was our first round of Stripper Bingo at C5 in New Orleans. memories going so bad I can't even remember the name of the lovely dancer who graced us with a free table dance to thank us for the fun we brought to the club that night.

I will never, however, forget the way she could leap to the top of the pole and hang herself upside down, suspended only by her ankles. This woman defied all laws of gravity. My attempts to learn this magical feat have thus far resulted in 2 concussions and several broken bones. I remain, however, undeterred....

Stripper Bingo: Part II

Part II took place right here at home. The pic on the right shows Siobhan, myself, Celeste the dancer and Zoe. Celeste was also tres cool. No silicon whatsoever that we could ascertain and she gave us a really nasty lap dance to the winner - who incidentally was terribly shy and conservative. We were most amused. Celeste was a part time student who happily exchanged email addresses with us and kept in touch for quite some time...

The Cards (Just right mouse click over each and select Save Picture As):